Who We are

Meraki is a Greek word that means to put
soul, creativity, and something of yourself into your work.

Every day ambitious young people come to work at Meraki Coffee Roasters to learn to roast coffee while building skills that will help them come closer to finding their God-given calling. While we are making excellent coffee, we teach young people in Clarksdale what it means to work with the Meraki ideals: to put soul, creativity, and love into their work. Through small batch roasting, Meraki Coffee Roasters produces excellent coffee. Small-batch allows us to have the flexibility to innovate on roasting techniques, to experiment liberally with taste, and focus on every bag upholding our high quality standards including transparency about the suppliers with which we work. By buying Meraki Coffee, you are not only getting high-quality, freshly roasted coffee, but you are also changing the lives of many young people in the Mississippi Delta.

Meraki Roasting Co. is a program of Griot Arts. Griot Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to create a community of students who are actively engaged in making their community a better place through the arts and community service. 

How We Work

With a high standard for service, a passion for education, and a heart for future generations, Meraki Roasting Company seeks to meet the growing demand for high-quality craft coffee while employing youth in and around Clarksdale, Mississippi through our job training program.

We purchase the best green coffee varieties that are ethically sourced and produce the best flavors and aromas.

Your coffee is fresh-roasted to order by one of our amazing youth in Clarksdale.

Once roasted, your coffee is packed and sent directly to your door. Just brew and enjoy!


Meraki Signature
From: $12.50 every 2 months
Mighty Mississippi
From: $12.50 every 2 months
Roast of the Month
From: $12.50 / month
Sunflower Soul
From: $12.50 every 2 months