Meraki Business Manager

Meraki Mission: Meraki creatively addresses the results of generational poverty in Clarksdale and the Mississippi Delta by providing young people job opportunities, resources and empowerment through hands-on workplace experience and mentorship.

Role: Business Manager 
Reports to: Meraki Program Director
Supervisory: Meraki Fellows who participate in the workforce development program.
Part Time / Hourly: ~20hrs/week

Training for the position will be provided by the Program Director. The Manager will be taught the current business processes and then the Manager will assume ongoing delivery and improvement of the operations. 

Essential Functions
The Business Manager is responsible for Cafe Operations, including training and performance management of Meraki Fellows, inventory management, customer service, promotions, and the creation and attainment of store goals. The Manager creates an environment for the successful delivery of the workplace-training program.

Running the Business: Café and Coffee Roasting
Production demand will be concluded from pending subscriptions and sales orders. The Coffee Roasting knowledge expert is responsible for training the roasting resources and for deciding the Roasting Profiles offering. The Manager will oversee all aspects of the coffee roasting operation.

  • purchasing raw materials and packaging
  • production scheduling
  • roasted coffee production and quality assurance
  • product packaging
  • product delivery
  • equipment maintenance

Subscription and Wholesale: Sales and Delivery
The Manager will oversee all aspects of fulfilling orders for coffee subscriptions and wholesale coffee orders. The subscriptions are managed using an online system. An external salesperson is responsible for selling to the wholesale market. The Director oversees the sales resource. Reports of pending orders are forwarded to the Manager then order fulfillment process occurs.

  • pick pack ship process for pending sales orders
  • quality assurance on order delivery
  • capacity planning for volume demand, growth in sales

Café and Retail: Sales and Service
The café sells brewed coffee, a variety of beverages, locally sourced food goods, art, crafts, and gift items. The Manager will oversee all aspects of the café operation and customer experience.

  • Purchasing: product offering research, selection, and adjustment
  • Inventory: product placement, presentation, quantity and replenishment management
  • Scheduling: shop hours staffing
  • InStore sales: cash register orders, coffee and beverage making, light food service
  • InStore sales: product knowledge training
  • Event hosting: sales and delivery of service
  • Equipment and Facilities: maintenance and presentation for the public
  • Job Training: shop staff capable of selling to the public, preparing goods available for sale, running the shop as defined for the role
  • Team member observation, mentoring and feedback
  • Soft Skills support and enforcement from training provided by the Program

Sales and Marketing: Café and Coffee Roasting
The Manager is responsible for promoting the Café and Coffee Roasting operations; first by delivering a great product and then by great experience for customers.

The Manager is a member of the Marketing committee and helps influence the overall Griot brand as well as the workplace-training program and coffee-roasting brands.

The Manager participates in developing and delivering the marketing plan for the Café and the roasted coffee. The plan includes periodic activities to promote the product and brand. The Manager maintains ongoing social media presence and promotion for the café and coffee roasting operations.

The Manager and the Director decide sales objectives. Sales results for the store, wholesale coffee and coffee subscriptions will be evaluated monthly. The Manager and Director will agree on sales efforts and any adjustments needed for improving sales.

Leadership and Team Development
The Manager is responsible for demonstrating and teaching the culture, values, mission, and spirit of Griot and Meraki. The Manager represents and enforces the program principles; they ensure the Meraki story is appropriately conveyed and presented by Fellows and the store environment they work in.

Other responsibilities
The role of the Manager calls for a spirit of entrepreneurship and loyalty to the Meraki brand. The Manager is the first point of responsibility for the quality, presentation and ultimate success of the roasted coffee product and customer experience in the store.

The role of the Manager calls for sensitive and compassionate mentoring and support for the fellows during their training process.

Methodologies: maintain and improve pre-defined checklists, progress checks, to ensure well-trained resources are able to deliver quality and successful business operations

Core Competencies
Teamwork and Cooperation: Working cooperatively with others, to be part of the team; and working together as opposed to working separately or competitively. Demonstrate an ability to manage in diverse settings (i.e. interdepartmental, functional, small or large teams). Team members may not be formally defined (i.e. people from different levels of departments who communicate with each other to solve a problem or complete a project are functioning in this definition of the team). The team may be a three-person team to a task force.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: The ability to communicate with others in a professional way that is clear, respectful, and influential; that builds trust, support, and credibility. Demonstrates effective listening skills. The ability to select and tailor communications to the target audience. The ability and desire to meet customer needs. This includes both internal and external customers. Works cooperatively with others as a team.

Business, Industry, and Professional: The ability to stay current on products, strategies, markets, competitors, business issues and industry trends. The mastery of job-related knowledge (which can be technical, professional, or managerial), and also the initiative to expand, use, and share this knowledge with others.

Process Improvement: The ability to continuously analyze, improve and innovate processes. The ability to anticipate and understand how process improvements will affect the entire organization and individuals or groups within the organization. The ability to organize the parts of a problem or situation in a systemic way (system thinking) and perform with exceptional levels of quality.

Personal Management: The ability to manage one's self to ensure that goals are accomplished or exceeded; project self confidence and maintain performance against challenges; the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances; the initiative to do more than is required or expected in the job to improve or enhance results, and/or create new opportunities; demonstrate commitment by aligning actions or intent with those of the organization and team.

Continuous Learning: The motivation and ability to improve one's knowledge and acquire new skills. Initiative to use and share the new knowledge and skills to increase organizational performance.

Developing Others: A genuine intent to foster the learning or development of others. The ability to assess needs and develop opportunities. The ability to set meaningful goals for individuals that are aligned with company goals. Understand human behavior and motivation theories.

Directiveness: The ability to get an individual or team to focus on the right results, aligned with the company strategy and mission.

Strategic Thinking: The ability to think logically and sequentially. Understand the big picture and future implications of today’s actions. Ability to understand the financial and legal implications and make appropriate decisions.


  • 3+ years work experience
  • 1+ years experience in a supervisory role
  • Strong personal management skills – core competencies
  • Compatible with Meraki/Griot Christianity oriented culture
  • College diploma or equivalent experience
  • Experience with challenged youth

Work Environment/Conditions

  • Must be able to be on your feet for several hours
  • Must be flexible to work within store hours and occasional evening events

For all inquiries and application can be found here:

You will be asked to include a brief summary of your interest and answers to the following questions:

  1. Describe a time you had to deal with a difficult colleague. What did you do to communicate properly?
  2. Tell about a time you were in a leadership role and had to help someone work through a problem.
  3. Explain a time you faced an ethical dilemma at work, and how you handled it.
  4. Describe a time in which you created systems and routines to stay organized or become more efficient?